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Unfortunately the constant question we ask our selves these days is "is it worth it".

Before we even approach your appliance we consider the age of the unit and the potential issues that can arise as when one problem starts. It can be the symptom of further issues and considerable charges to repair. 

Therefore we have created this little section to help you not only with some minor diagnosis checks but with the information we consider before attempting a repair

Please note that at no point should you be touching any live or high pressure connections. If you are in any way not confident near the unit, you should not consider moving or any dis-assembly. This is section is presented as a guide to the basic checks/observations a qualified technician will perform without any invasive action. 

Fridge/Freezer info

Fridges and Freezers 

Average life span modern medium quality 6-10 years 

Fridge freezers are sadly one of the least economical appliances to repair these days as any compromise to the system or compressor and they are not repairable. Modern gases although no longer greenhouse gases, are corrosive and once a hole has been made it is rare that further faults don't occur after a re-gas. As such few engineers are willing to carry out the repair outside if warranty and even then the success rate is poor.       


Compressor excessively hot -
Should the compressor run constantly attempting to cool the unit, it will build to excessive heats. This is because there is no gas in the unit, this is considered a fire risk and the unit should be disconnected immediately.

Compressor not running at all -  
If the compressor is not running at all this can be caused by several components and requires a technician to check 

Ice Build ups 
Near the door - cause by not being closed properly or fault in the seal.
Inner cavity - Ice formed or the white plastic wall is consistent with insulation failure and not repairable 

Evaporator cover - (bit where cold air blows from) 
caused by defrost element failure and requires technician.

All other faults confirm with your technician  


Washing Machine

Washing Machine info

Average life span modern medium quality 4-6 years 

Washing machines constantly fluctuate in price per the current economy. Sadly while the look and features are impressive the quality of the builds often isn't meaning that the life time of your washer is not what it used to be. That being said there is plenty will can still fix cost effectively but there are somethings to look out for


Noisy on spin-
If you turn the drum by hand and are presented with a horrific noise, unfortunately your bearings have failed and repairs are not advised. Most units are sealed and require Full Tub and drum, Labour + surcharge for time to complete. Often ranging in the hundreds to repair. Money best put towards a new appliance. Always check insurance and warranty before disposing as this fault can be repair under policies.

Faulty settings-
There are a number of reasons for a units programming to be faulty however in many cases boards can be very expensive and the age/quality of the unit should be considered 

Drain filter -

This Youtube video can help with checking the drain filter on your washer but always consider your flooring and area around before releasing the cap as this could flood the kitchen, any doubts contact a technician
Follow me for video

All other faults confirm with your technician  

All the rest

All the rest info

Most other appliances are economically repairable so long as  the parts are available and the housing is in good condition. When deciding to commit to a repair always consider the age and budget limit when presented with cost of repair.

Tumbler dryer - Avg 5-7 years
Dishwasher - Avg 5-7 years
Cooker/Oven - Avg 10-15 years
Cooker hood - Avg 5-7 years

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